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[accordion] [acc_item title=”General information”] The International Teams Tournament Città di Roma – Angelini will be held from Friday October 10 to Sunday October 12. Besides, a tournament for new players (Bridge students) will be held on Saturday October 11, starting at 3.00 pm.
The venue for both the tournaments is the Olympic Stadium – Authorities Tribune Monte Mario. The details are published below. For further information please contact the Italian Bridge Federation by e-mail: [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Programme”]

International tournament

Friday October 10
1.00 p.m. Registration
2.30 p.m. Phase 1 – Swiss (4 matches)
9.30 p.m. Phase 1 – Swiss (2 matches)

Saturday October 11
1.30 p.m. Phase 1 – Swiss/Danish (4 matches)
9.30 p.m. Phase 2 – Swiss/Quarter-Final (2 matches)

Sunday October 12
10.30 a.m. Phase 2 – Swiss/Semifinals (2 matches)
1.30 p.m. Phase 2 – Swiss/Danish/Final (2 matches)
4.00 p.m. Awarding ceremony

Mitchell Tournament for Bridge students

Saturday October 11
3.00 p.m. First session (12 boards)
5.00 p.m. Second session (12 boards)


[acc_item title=”Format”]

The teams must be composed of maximum six players, plus a non-playing captain. Fancy names will not be allowed as team name of the participating teams.

Phase 1

Ten 8-board matches: nine of Swiss (non-recurring matches); the 10th and last match will be played as a pure Danish format, with pairing according to the ranking.

Phase 2:

At the end of Phase 1:
– The eight top teams will play the quarterfinals, semi-finals and the final with 16-board KO matches. The 4 top ranked teams in Phase 1 will choose their opponents for the quarter-finals from between the fifth and eighth classified teams; the first qualified team will choose, then the second one, and so forth. The first classified will also choose one of the other three quarter-final matches for the pairing of the semi-final.

– The teams ranked from the ninth place on in Phase 1 will continue with two more matches of Swiss (total carry-over from Phase 1).

Phase 3

Only the teams not involved in the KO will play this phase.
The best 50% ranked teams at the end of Phase 2 will compose Group B, while the remaining teams will be divided in 8-teams groups according to the ranking. Integral Carry-Over for all groups.

On Sunday all of these groups will play three 8-boards matches of Swiss plus a fourth 8-board match with Danish format (pairing according to the ranking).
The KO matches will be played with preduplicated hands; they will be broadcast on BBO. There will be no Carry-Over.
Sunday in addition to the Semi-Finals and the Finals, the matches for the 3rd and 4th place will be played between the losers of the semifinals and for the 5th and 8th place, firstly among the losers of the matches A and D / B and C, and then between the respective winners and losers. In the event of a tie, a single board will be played both in open and closed room; in the event of a further tie, this will be repeated till the tie is broken.
Awards will be given to all the top eight teams.
In all the 8-teams Groups the VP of all the tournament will be cumulated, and in the event of a tie at the end of the last match on Sunday, Bucholz System on the last 4 matches will be used.
In Group B the fist 12 classified teams will be awarded, together with the special prizes (prizes are non-cumulative).
In all the other Groups at least the first classified team will be awarded, plus any unallocated non cumulative special prizes.
In all 8-board matches the VP scale 20/0 will be adopted, with 12 VP for a possible bye. The composition and number of the rounds of the various phases, and the possible increase of the awarded teams will be announced by the end of the first 4 matches based on the number of participating teams.

The Organizing Committee has the right to change schedules, format and money prizes according to any possible need, and according to the registered teams number.


[acc_item title=”Entry Fees and Prize Money”]
Entry Fees for the International Teams Tournament
Euro 300 per Team
Euro 200 per Students team
Free registration for teams entirely composed of juniors
Entry Fees for the Students Mitchell
Euro 5 per player

Group A
1st ranked team: 5.000 Euro
2nd ranked team: 4.000 Euro
3rd ranked team: 3.200 Euro
4th ranked team: 2.400 Euro
5th ranked team: 2.000 Euro
6th ranked team: 1.800 Euro
7th ranked team: 1.700 Euro
8th ranked team: 1.600 Euro

Group B
1st ranked team: 1.500 Euro
2nd ranked team: 1.400 Euro
3rd ranked team: 1.300 Euro
4th ranked team: 1.200 Euro
5th ranked team: 1.100 Euro
6th ranked team: 1.000 Euro
7th ranked team: 900 Euro
8th ranked team: 800 Euro
9th ranked team: 700 Euro
10th ranked team: 600 Euro
11th ranked team: 560 Euro
12th ranked team: 540 Euro

8 Teams Groups
1st ranked team of each group: 500 Euro

Special awards
1st Mixed team: 400 Euro
1st Ladies team: 400 Euro
1st Senior team: 400 Euro
1st Junior team: 400 Euro
1st Students team: 400 Euro

Prize money will be paid net of tax [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Partner Hotels”]

Hotel degli Aranci
Via Barnaba Oriani, 11 +39 06 807 0202

Hotel Villa Maria Regina
Via della Camilluccia, 687 +39 06 362 9071

Hotel Zone
Via Alfredo Fusco, 118 +39 06 3540 4111 [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Honorary Committee”]
Giovanni Malagò (CONI President)
Dott. Francesco Angelini
Roberto Fabbricini (CONI General Secretary)
Franco Chimenti (CONI Servizi President)
Alberto Miglietta (CONI Servizi CEO)
Michele Uva (CONI Servizi General Director)
Gianarrigo Rona (WBF President)
Giovanni Medugno (FIGB President) [/acc_item]

[acc_item title=”Organising Committee”]

Prof. Ercole Bove (Chairman)
Giuseppe Failla (FIGB Deputy Chairman)
Francesco Conforti (FIGB General Secretary)
Federigo Ferrari Castellani (FIGB Board Member)
Patrizia Prattichizzo Pelino (FIGB Regional Committee Chairman)
Alessandro Orsillo (FIGB Organizer) [/acc_item] [/accordion]


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